What causes eczema?

Before answering the question on what causes eczema, we need to ask ourselves the question: what is eczema? Eczema is a skin condition which, though non contagious, is a chronic condition affecting the skin. It is a not a single symptom disease but a broad range of symptoms that define the disease. You will experience dry, patchy skin that gets irritated. Rashes will appear on arms, legs, face, on elbows and behind knees. Blisters also form and ooze pus of fluids, leading to dryness at some stage. If left untreated for long, eczema only gets worse and could lead to herpes or a condition known as impetigo.

So the question remains: what causes eczema? Truth be told, no one knows for sure what causes eczema, though there are plausible reasons that have been linked to this skin condition. One of the causes of eczema is genetics whereby asthma attack as well as hay fever in a family could mean a kid born in the family will suffer from the condition.

Environmental factors

Too much dryness in the house could trigger the onset of the condition. A dry skin leads to itching, hence the advice to use humidifiers where necessary.


Irritants could help answer the question on what causes eczema. Irritant include anything from the soap you use for bathing to detergents, sprays, and creams, acid, alkaline and such like. Exposure to irritants has been linked to onset of eczema.


Mold, dandruff, pets, dust mites and so on are examples of allergens. These allergens are what trigger an allergic reaction. In fact eczema by itself is not an allergy but a resultant condition from exposure to these allergens.


Certain foods that we eat lead to eczema due to the allergic reaction to the foods. Examples of these foods include eggs, dairy products, and wheat products among others.

Stress and hormones

Both presence of hormones and a stressful condition could trigger an eczema attack.