Treatment for hand eczema

Hand eczema is also referred as hand dermatitis is a skin condition affecting the hands. It is characterized by itchiness in between the fingers (the web-like parts) of the hands. You will also notice some form of scaling, crusting and fissuring. It is more common in women than men and is usually difficult to treat. Perhaps the reason why it is tough treating the condition is the fact that people are always in constant contact with the cause of hand eczema: water or fluids. If you job requires that you be in contact with fluids, then the problem will be recurring, hence difficult to contain.

That said, there is need to identify the people at risk from suffering from hand eczema and trying to find solution to the problem.

There are of course other risk factors apart from the occupation of the sufferer.


Stress applies across the board when it comes to any form of eczema. Hand eczema is no exception.


The environment you live in plays a big role in getting hand eczema. In particular, cold place as well as those with low humidity increases the risk of getting this type of eczema. This is because the skin is deprived of the much needed moisture.


Your history with other forms of eczema such as the atopic dermatitis predisposes you to hand dermatitis.


Treating this condition calls for proper diagnosis first. One of the best ways of determining the status of the condition is through the patch testing method. Although we agree that it is difficult to treat, it is important to take measures early to restore the epidermal barrier that may have been lost due to the condition. As much as possible, you should keep off triggering factors like contact to water, juices or chemical substances which exacerbate the condition.