Treatment and Cure for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are the structures in the anal area. They are mild in the normal state. When inflamed condition occurs, we suffer from discomfort. The symptoms vary depend on the location. Usually, rectal bleeding and painless condition are the primary symptoms. In external case, swelling and pain around the anus are quite troublesome. We must find the cure for hemorrhoids sooner in this case. The inflamed state will develop if there is any pressure of intra abdominal area. The first treatment for moderate level is to consume more fiber and oral fluids. Resting is recommended as well. In severe cases, surgery is performed.

Getting the Cure for Hemorrhoids

natural treatment for hemorrhoidsThere is cure for hemorrhoids by applying home treatment. It involves establishing healthy habits. Importantly, we must not make the hemorrhoids worse. Blot our anus mildly with toilet paper. We need to make sure the hygiene of the area. Don’t ever rub our anal area. It is recommended to rinse off by using water instead of with toilet tissue. Soft, dry, and absorbent cloth is perfect to pat the area. Non-perfumed soaps have better and safer result of cleansing. How can we relieve the itching and pain? We should take nonprescription pain drug. Aspirin is common to use as well as NSAIDs.

Healthy Lifestyle as the Cure for Hemorrhoids

Natural cure for hemorrhoids can be applied. We can apply ice regularly to relieve painful effect of hemorrhoids. While bathing, prepare the bathtub with sufficient warm water. It covers the affected area. Do this regularly in a day. Soak it for about 10 minutes. Don’t get burn because of the hot water. We should make sure the water is quite warm. Pharmacist or doctor usually recommends creams, ointments, and suppositories for hemorrhoids. To avoid worse condition, we should take more bed rest. It relieves irritated and inflamed veins. Don’t ever stand or sit for a long time if you get inflamed hemorrhoids. It causes more pain.

To prevent buildup of moisture, we can apply cotton underwear. It reduces the pressure on the affected area. In severe case of hemorrhoids inflammation, surgery is conducted. There are number of techniques applied. The risk of surgery as the cure for hemorrhoids includes complications. Infection, urinary retention, strictures, and bleeding usually occur. Sometimes, fecal incontinence appears as the result of failed hemorrhoid surgery. The most common technique is excision. It provides long-term advantage for the patients. 2 to 4 weeks pain occurs after the surgery. The other techniques are Doppler-guided surgery and stapled surgery.

Hemorrhoid is also known as piles. It occurs because of straining during the movements of bowel. Pregnancy is the most common cause in women. 50 year old person often suffers from hemorrhoids. They must deal with the discomfort, itching, and bleeding around anal area. Fortunately, there have been many efficient treatments and cure for hemorrhoids. Healthy lifestyle and more fiber intake become the best treatments actually. If the condition becomes worse, surgery should be conducted. We must visit recommended doctor to get recommendation. The cost is huge. Moreover, there are plenty of risks to conduct hemorrhoid surgery.