Treating Eczema in Babies

As parents, we need to pay more attention to our babies. When their skin develops itchy, dry, red patches, it is eczema in babies. Eczema commonly occurs around the age of 2 – 6 months. Atopic dermatitis affects more than 20% of young children and infants. What can we do to deal with irritated and itchy skin of our babies? There are many trusty treatments to soothe the skin. First, we should avoid any topical irritants. Mostly, babies have skin allergies to some substances including detergents, soaps, bubble baths, or also fabric softeners. We need switching to fragrance-free and hypoallergenic products. It helps preventing eczema.

Eczema in Babies is Troublesome

To avoid eczema in babies, we should minimize the itching and flare-ups of the skin. There are others allergic reactions causing eczema. Diet and food sometimes become the triggers of eczema. The best way to find out is food allergies testing. Pediatrician provides recommendation for allergist. It helps us treating eczema caused by food allergy. Cream also has good positive effect in treating eczema. Apply fragrance-free and gentle cream to the affected skin. Eczema creams should be applied after baths and regularly. Vaseline is the most recommended product on the market. It has good ingredients proportion. Ointments often become alternative treatment for eczema in infants as well.

Dealing with Eczema in Babies

lightweight fabrics for babies eczemaWe should avoid overheating while conducting treatment for eczema in babies. Pediatrician recommends babies with eczema wear breathable and lightweight fabrics. Light layers fabrics may cause overheating and worsen eczema. Wool is not recommended. It is scratchy and heavy. Next, we need to limit scratching damage on the skin. Scratching causes long lasting scars. Eczema makes skin itchy and sore. We must prevent our babies from worsening and scratching the rash. If it is possible, keep their nails short, clean and covered. Lightweight mittens are recommended to prevent scars from scratching.

What is the best medication for eczema in babies? Steroid ointments are common to use. In mild cases of eczema, we can control it by moisturizing and bathing our babies. Topical steroid is applied as the treatment of mild eczema. Yet, majority of babies suffer from atopic dermatitis or sever eczema. They require better topical steroids to control eczema in regular basis. Is it safe to apply steroid ointments? If we use it appropriately, there will be no problem. Apply the ointments to severe affected skin only. Wes must avoid applying the ointments to thighs, armpits, groin, or other skin folds.

When should we use steroid ointments on our babies? Topical product should be applied twice a day. Don’t overuse it. Steroid ointment must be applied to itchy and red skin. We can use it until the skin is more comfortable and less inflamed. The amount of ointment for eczema in babies depends on the condition. More application is required for severe cases. The ointment will be absorbed in few minutes by the skin. Sometimes, oral antibiotics are required to maximize the treatment of topical ointment. We should visit pediatrician to consult and determine the best medication for our babies.