The best perioral dermatitis treatment

Perioral dermatitis is a skin problem mostly found among young women. It is usually characterized by the appearance of rash on the skin and especially the mouth region.

What cause perioral dermatitis?

The cause of the condition is mostly associated with the use of steroid based creams on the face. According to dermatologists, the creams have compounds in them which trigger the condition. Other possible causes include use of fluoride toothpaste as well as sodium laureth sulphate. In such a case, Perioral-dermatitis---2it is important to note these substances and ensure that whatever you use on your face does not contain them.

 Those who have suffered from skin condition say it that it starts as an allergy which starts from the forehead. You will experience a persistent itch which lasts for weeks, getting sore with each passing day.

The symptoms of perioral dermatitis

The first sign or symptom that shows that for sure you are suffering from perioral dermatitis is the presence of rashes. These rashes remain on the face for some time and thereafter give way to lumpy sores which begin to cause serious pain. It is like the skin is reacting to something that you are applying on it; hence it is a form of allergy on the skin.

Treatment for the condition

Once you identify that you have this condition, you should cease using the steroid creams such as the aforementioned in order to find a natural perioral dermatitis treatment. In other words, you should keep off steroid creams such as the corticosteroids.


Stress has been attributed to be one of the causes of this condition. In order to find perioral dermatitis treatment, you should therefore as much as possible avoid stress.


Another perioral dermatitis treatment is stopping using alcohol due to the fact that it is linked to the condition.

Inflammatory agents

Keep off any other inflammatory agents that could trigger the condition and you will that perioral dermatitis treatment will come naturally.