Searching Useful Cure for Herpes

Herpes comes in different types. Genital herpes is the worst. Usually, physicians prescribe Acyclovir solution or any other mainstream medications to deal with herpes virus. Yet, recent research shows natural cure for herpes is better and safer. We can obtain faster result from herbal remedies than any topical treatments. Moreover, those treatments have lesser side effects. Honey is the best natural product to cure herpes. It heals the infection and outbreaks of herpes. Honey is proven to be faster than Acyclovir in healing the sores.

Cure for Herpes According to Experts

Experts said, “There were no volunteers experiencing any side effects of honey application to the affected area. Although we conducted repeated applications, there were no negative effects at all”. Honey has been applied in different purposes. It has anti-microbial properties. Therefore scientists have conducted different investigation about its potential in healing herpes naturally. Based on published studies, there are 3 most efficient remedies for herpes. They are honey, placebo ointment, and acyclovir. Honey becomes efficient treatment for herpes.

Manuka Honey as Cure for Herpes

Scientists have conducted studies related to honey as the cure for herpes. The healing time is faster with honey than acyclovir. Although honey is an alternative and complementary medicine, more people consider it to be the best one. We can make it to be future treatment for herpes. Top grade honey provides benefits in healing wound. It would draw fluid away from our wound. Its sugar content suppresses the growth of microorganism. When honey is applied to our wound, it releases low hydrogen peroxide. It helps treating herpes infection.

Manuka honey is believed to be the most effective to heal herpes outbreaks. It works 10 times faster than any other herbal treatments. We can get 100% successful result actually. Manuka eliminates viruses and bacteria on the skin. After the application, we get relief from pain and burning sensation. There are many other natural treatments for herpes. We can apply Vitamin C, Lysine, Aloe Vera, Garlic, and others. The results vary on individuals. Aloe Vera also suits our need of herpes treatment. It is easy to get and effective.

We can use Aloe Vera to be the cure for herpes. It has unlimited advantages for our health. Aloe Vera minimizes the irritation and itching of the skin. Moreover, we can grow it everywhere as herbal medicine. Next option is herbal tea. Chamomile and peppermint tea are useful for us to cure pain. Both reduce fever caused by the virus. We can drink them twice a day without worrying any side effects. For maximum result, we should drink herbs tea as well as applying honey on affected area.

Another herbal cure for herpes is the use of ice. Apply the ice on the skin suffering from herpes to reduce the inflammation and itching. It helps us to remove pain caused by herpes. Actually, we should wrap the ice before the application. We get the reduction of bacteria and virus activity as well by using this method. There are more options to cure herpes. Those natural remedies above are proven to be the most effective ones.