Nummular eczema

Nummular eczema has other names such as nummular dermatitis as well as discoid eczema. This condition is a chronic one and is closely related to the eczema that we know. There are however some differences in terms of the symptoms. Instead of the rashes and patches, this condition is characterized by spots which are coin shaped. When scratched or rubbed, these spots are usually very itchy and painful and may actually bleed.  In no time, the spots harden and become crusty.

What causes nummular eczema?

Nummular eczema is caused by a number of factors but one thing is that people with this condition usually have a sensitive skin.

Change in temperature

Temperature changes have been found to play a role in the onset of the condition. Hot or cold conditions in particular exercabate the condition.


If you are constantly stressed, you will become vulnerable to the nummular eczema.

Dry skin

A dry skin is yet another common cause of the skin condition, something that is similar to the atopic dermatitis.


There are irritants that cause the condition and include the soaps we use for bathing, detergents etc.

Note: Suffering from any other type of eczema is enough to bring about this skin condition.

Treatment for nummular eczema

Having identified the cause and the symptoms, it is important to find the treatment options available.

Avoid triggers

It is advisable to avoid triggers such as wool, detergents, and metals among others

Bandaging affected parts

If you have coin shaped spots on the skin, then these should be bandaged to protect them from infections.

Use of antihistamines

Antihistamines are used to deal with the condition by offering relief from the symptoms

Use of ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet rays are effectively used in the treatment of nummular eczema.


Cortisones such as pills, injection and pills help in relieving the symptoms.