Natural remedies for eczema

Eczema is a condition affecting the skin. The cause scan either is external or internal. It is however not contagious hence you can contract it by getting into physical contact with a person suffering from eczema. There are many symptoms that show that you are suffering of the skin condition. Some conditions like red, itchy skin with patches and cracks are clear indication of eczema attack. Are your hands, feet and face swollen with blisters and lesions present on the skin? You need to look for natural remedies for eczema because you are suffering from the condition.

Now that we know what we know the symptoms of the condition, we also need to identify the causes before moving to the natural remedies for eczema. There are many causes of eczema but the most pronounced are allergies. These allergies are present in chemical compounds such as cosmetic products, woollen clothes and jewellery. Changes in weather such as humidity also trigger the onset of the condition. Stress as well as genetics is also major influencers in the onset of eczema attack.

The natural remedies for eczema are as follows:

Sea spray

It has been observed that a spray comprising of magnesium and homemade salt is all you need to treat your eczema. The vitamin D you find at the beach, combined with the minerals in the water and the magnesium makes a perfect sea spray. No wonder people claim to have a soothing feeling in the skin when the y basks in the beach.

Magnesium baths

Closely related to the sea spray, a magnesium bath is all you need for detoxification and healing effect thanks to the magnesium. The optional for this is to use magnesium oil or the transdermal magnesium. For this kind of bath, all you need is magnesium flakes, sea salt, vanilla extract and some oil like lavender.