How to cure eczema

Eczema is a term used to describe a group of medical conditions affecting the skin. Various symptoms include small bumps on the skin which bleed; itiching, thick, scaly skin and rashes appearing on the bends of elbows, behind knees, arms, legg, face, neck and torso. There are various types of eczema with atopic eczema being the commonest of them all. Being debilitating as it is, there is need to find ways on how to cure eczema.

Before establishing ways on how to cure eczema, we need to ask ourselves the basic question: what causes eczema? No one knows for sure what causes eczema, though it is largely linked to genetic predisposition. If you have a kin who once suffered hay fever or asthma, then most likely as a child you will suffer from it. There are of course some trigger factors like allergens, irritants, environmental factors, certain foods among others.

There are several ways that can be use to cure eczema. Broadly speaking, we can use medication or simply use homemade remedies.

Medicated lotions and steroid creams

There are several lotions and steroid creams that are provided in hospitals which help deal with the debilitating effects of eczema. Examples include topical steroids which are applied on the skin. These steroids work by lowering the inflammation, the commonest of them being the hydrocortisone 1% which is a steroid cream. Ointments are also used where the skin becomes dry or becomes thickened.

Natural treatment

Away from use of creams, lotions and steroids, there are natural remedies that are adopted in the treatment of eczema. Examples of these natural remedies include:

–          Avoiding certain foods that trigger the condition. Some of the foods include milk, wheat products among others.

–          On how to cure eczema, go for virgin coconut oil

–          Take ferment cod liver oil

–          Use probiotics to deal with the condition effectively.

There are many other ways on how to cure eczema but the few suffice to illustrate the point.