Home remedies for sore throat that work

It all starts with an itch, then swollen neck glands and a dry throat. The tonsils become inflamed and patchy. Do these symptoms ring a bell? Well, these are symptoms of sore throat and it means that you will most likely catch a cold. Sore throat can be irritating and will give you sleepless nights and discomfort through-out the day. Why should you suffer all this discomfort when you can use home remedies for sore throat and have peace of mind!

There are many home remedies for sore throat that really work as explained here.

Use anti-inflammatory

Most of the time, you could be suffering from sore throat with some medicine lying in your cabinet at home. You will find an assortment of non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory that is also referred to as NSAID. They act not only as anti-inflammatory but also as pain relievers and will hence reduce the pain as well help stop swelling in the throat.

Salt water

Have you ever tried to gargle salty water when you last suffered from a cold? Well, a salty gargle is all you need to make the mucus in the throat loose. This mucous is the cause of the irritation plus it contains the bacteria causing the sore throat. Once you gargle and spit out a few time s during the day, you will find relief. If the salt is too unpleasant, you may opt to use some honey to sweeten it a little. Salt is one of the most effective home remedies for sore throat.


Lastly, among for home remedies for sore throat, there are some over-the-counter lozenges that are sold in form of cough drops. If you buy and suck a few, the saliva production in the mouth will keep the throat moist, which helps in numbing the pain. Throat lozenges contain cooling ingredients such as eucalyptus and menthol. You can also use sprays that are sold over-the-counter, whose active ingredient-choraseptic-has antiseptic properties.