Eczema symptoms

Eczema is a term used to describe a wide range of skin symptoms. You will usually find many eczema symptoms; hence one or two symptoms may not be adequate to conclude that you have eczema.  There are some signs and symptoms that you will notice on the skin that are consistent with eczema. Let us look at eczema symptoms in more details.


The first of the symptoms that you will notice are patches. These patches are usually scaly, chronic and dry. You will also notice that the skin will harden becoming crusty and in some cases crack.


Though there are small bumps that ooze fluids, these soon give way to dryness on the skin. This dry condition is an irritation by itself and will cause you to itch.


The dryness, swelling, swelling and rash on the skin are some of the things that will cause the skin to become itchy.


A rash is usually present on the skin, which is consistent with anyone suffering from asthma or an allergic reaction,


When the skin is scratched or rubbed over some period of time, it becomes red and inflamed. In some cases, the intervention to this inflammation is in the form of hydrocortisone creams.

Bacterial infection

A bacterial infection whilst you are suffering from eczema is a common feature. The proof to the bacterial infection is marked by presence of yellowish-brown blisters which are usually filled with fluids or pus.

Bleeding from skin

When you itch yourself so much, this could lead to bleeding. When you itch, more rashes appear, leading to even more itching. Unfortunately, this can only get worse, with eczema symptoms getting to a point of itch-scratch cycle.

Darkening of the skin

Another of eczema symptoms is the darkening of the skin since eczema affects the pigmentation of the skin.