Eczema remedies

Is the eczema condition you have spiralling out of control? There are eczema remedies that will offer you immediate relief. You could be suffering from atopic dermatitis, irritant dermatitis, contact dermatitis or dyshidrotic dermatitis and wondering where you will find the remedy. This article will address the general remedies that will apply regardless of the form of eczema that you are suffering from.

Before looking at these eczema remedies, it is important that eczema is a skin condition associated with a wide range of medical conditions such as thickened skin that is also scaly, patches and redness, dryness and presence of rashes and small, painful blisters to name but a few.

The remedies are:

Detergent change

As a home remedy, simply change the detergent and go for one that has no fragrances. There are also detergents for laundry that have a neutral PH; use such detergents in order to avoid any irritation on the skin which could be a precursor to eczema. In cases where you feel that the soap you have used may be triggering the condition, you opt to double rinse your clothes to ensure that all the soap is completely washed.


Gloves may serve as a deterrent especially at night when you may be tempted to scratch yourself. Before you retire to bed, put on the gloves or mittens and you can be sure you will have a scratch free night.

Warm showers vs. hot or cold showers

Whilst hot showers can have immediate gratification, they also leave your skin dry afterwards. Warm showers are preferable because they keep you moist for long.

Anti-itch creams

There are anti-itch creams used as eczema remedies. These creams provide relief from itching and burning and can be used alongside ointments and lotions.

Humidity vs. dryness

Dry weather is not conducive for your skin. For eczema remedies, invest in a good humidifier to keep your skin moist.