Eczema home treatment

Skin rashes, redness on skin, blisters, and change in skin pigmentation, itiching, dryness, sweeling and scaling are but a few of a wide range of medical conditions used to describe eczema. It is a skin condition that is usually common in children below six years. Children usually show the symptoms by the age of 5 years but may overcome the disease altogether. However, it may present itself throughout the life of some of the sufferers of the condition. It is not known exactly what causes the condition, though there is a genetic predisposition in some people as well as some triggers, both internal and external.

Having said that, it is important to establish eczema home treatment in order to treat and manage the condition well. Usually, there are steroidal creams, lotions and creams prescribed to the patients, but eczema home treatment is also a viable option and entails any of the following:

Virgin coconut oil

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is a highly effective treatment option for eczema due to the soothing and healing properties of coconut oil.


A tincture of gelatine is all that you need for eczema home treatment. Apart from improving the digestive system, drops of the tincture also fight the irritation on the skin.


The cooling power of cucumber is legendary (do you remember the saying as cool as cucumber?). The liquid squeezed out of the slices of cucumber is applied on the skin using a clean cloth. You will receive relief from the skin condition within a short time after the application.

Horsetail plant

The horsetail plant is used for eczema home treatment. It is first boiled in water and allowed to cool. You can then use the mixture in your bath water.

Marigold flower

Another option is the use of marigold flower mixed with lavender oil for an effective treatment for eczema.