Eczema home remedies

Eczema causes the skin to be irritated and inflamed. People suffering from this chronic skin condition also report itchy skin which reddens and swells. There is also a crusty appearance due to cracking on the surface of the skin as well as presence of lesions, blisters that ooze as well as swelling on the face, arms and legs. Left untreated for long, eczema can develop into worse skin diseases, notably impetigo and herpes.

What causes eczema?

Before finding the eczema home remedies, it is important to establish the causes. This chronic condition is mostly causes by allergic reactions to certain substances like chemicals, wool, certain plants, cosmetics, washing products and so on. Eczema is also associated with inheritance, stress as well as change in the weather.

What are eczema home remedies?

There are some medications that are used to treat the symptom of the disease.  Home remedies seem to work for most people who try them. Let us look at some of them.

Use of priobotics

Priobotics rich foods and drinks are considered useful in the war against eczema. These are foods and drinks which have a positive impact on the digestive system by adding beneficial bacteria in the gut. If you to effectively deal with this skin condition, then you should, apart from taking fermented foods, take kombucha soda, lacto-fermented vegetables, and sauerkraut among other priobotics products.


Another of the eczema home remedies is consumption of gelatine enriched foods. Gelatin is a substance that is obtained through processing of collagen, a kind of animal protein.


Salve that is home made is a useful remedy for eczema especially when scars or blisters take longer than necessary to heal.  Salve is a kind of balm or ointment that works very effectively in the treatment of scars or blisters which are common symptoms of eczema attack.

Fermented cod liver oil

One of the best eczema home remedies is the fermented cod liver oil as it is rich in fat-soluble vitamins which have protective properties.