Eczema causes

Eczema is not one condition but a number of conditions under one name. In other words, you will find that there are different forms of eczema. Before we establish the eczema causes, it is important that we identify the various kinds of the conditions and the characteristics. Another important distinction that we need to make is between the internal and external triggers. External triggers are influenced by what one touches and the reaction that you get.  Internal triggers on the other hand have something to do with the immune system. For instance, hormones could trigger a certain response in the immune system which could ultimately lead to eczema condition.

What are the eczema causes?

There are a number of factors that lead to eczema as we shall see.


Allergens cause an internal response to the body and examples are factors that lead to asthma attack or hay fever.  Other good example of an allergen is dust mites, pollen and pets.


Another type of eczema causes are certain foods that we consume. These could be in the form of spices, additives and preservatives. Processed foods fall in this category and include wheat products, fish and dairy products as well. It is important to identify the foods in the diet which cause eczema and eliminate them.

Chemicals and the environment

In the environment that we live in are eczema causes all over. For instance, the dryness of a place could trigger the condition, necessitating humidifier to be in place to counter it. There are also various chemicals in our midst which can trigger eczema if mishandled. Examples of these chemical products include detergents, soaps, among others.


There are some substances that irritate the body when it comes into contact with them. Examples of these irritants include sweat and heat. After an excercise, the body becomes hot and the body reacts to both the heat and sweat.