Easy sore throat home remedies

Nothing really irritates us than having a sore throat. In most cases, you can tell that you will have a cold when you first notice that you have a sore throat. It usually starts with itchiness, culminating into a dry thoat, swollen glands in the neck as well as infected tonsils. In particular, the tonsils will have white patches on them. Broadly speaking, there are three things that are considered as the main causes of sore throat. These are irritation, infection and acid reflux. Whatever the case, there is need to find sore throat home remedies.

Many people have sought various sore throat home remedies with mixed success. Let us look at throat remedies that really work.

Cayenne pepper

One of the more commonly used sore throat home remedies is cayenne pepper. To make a powerful concoction, use only an eighth of a cup of the pepper to half a cup of warm water. You are to gargle the mixture every hour or so and indeed you will find easy and quick relief from the sore throat.

Lemon and honey

Honey and lemon are obvious ingredients in any fever-related problem, of which sore throat is one of them. Using a ratio of 2 spoonfuls to 1 for honey, add them to warm water and allow to cool before drinking it, You will find a relief in a short while.

Licorice root

This root is a popular ingredient for treating other conditions such as eczema. It is also quite effective as one of the best sore throat home remedies that you will ever come across. It can be used through applying as a tea bag or chewing the root itself. It will relieve the pain in no time.

Salt and baking soda mixture

As a last of the sore throat home remedies here, salt and baking soda use in a ratio of half a spoon of each to warm water will give you the relief that you need.