Best home remedies for yeast infections

In order to find suitable home remedies for yeast infections, it is important to understand what is yeast is. To start with, yeast is a form of fungus and mostly causes itching, burning sensation and a persistent irritation especially in women. You will most commonly find infection affecting the vagina and the vulva. Another common sign of yeast infection is vaginal discharge. The degree of the yeast infection varies from mild, moderate to acute. The yeast cells in the vagina are caused by fungal organisms known as Candida albicans.  If you notice that you are having pain with urination, then you should establish the source of the pain which in most of the cases is a pointer to yeast infections. Having said that, it is imperative that home remedies for yeast infections be found.


Yeast cells thrive in warm, moist and poorly aerated environment. It therefore goes without saying that you should keep yourself dry and wear loose inner clothing to allow proper circulation of oxygen. Go for cotton innerwear instead of nylon materials. This is because cotton is a good sweat absorbent material and will therefore keep you dry. If you also love swimming, you should change into dry clothes soon after you are done to avoid the prolonged wetness.

Practice good hygiene

Most of the yeast cells are found on the entrance to the vagina. You should therefore practice good hygiene through taking baths and using clean towel. The towel should not be shared to avoid passing yeast infection. You should also not share your bathing water with anyone else. Yeast cells can also be destroyed by washing your clothes in hot water. Good hygiene is one of the best home remedies for yeast infections.

Keep off some harsh soap

Some bathing soaps contain chemicals that irritate the skin, leading to infection when scratch yourself. Such soaps affect the PH balance in the bathing water, hence the irritation. For home remedies for yeast infections, avoid the harsh feminine soaps.